About us

Kai Starke
Kai’s skilful and subtle playing is filled with fantasy and feeling.
In Starke&Gorter he alternates between roles as soloist, accompanist and improviser with an astonishing ease.
Kai provides groove and melodic fantasy, while his creations are often the basis for new arrangements. The melody and lyrics are a source of inspiration for Kai.
He combines both to make music that tells the story. On stage he surprises with daring improvisation and perfect interaction with Hester.
Kai plays in bands and in theater, musical and TV productions of many different styles bordering Jazz, Funk, Tango Nuevo, Soul, Rock and Pop. He also works as a docent at Jazzhausschule Köln for guitar, ensembles, jazz theory and ear training.
Kai coaches artists and ensembles.

Hester Gorter
Hester’s remarkable voice is not her only gift to the audience.
Her amazing performances fascinate listeners, easily captivating them as she dives into her songs.
She provides the crowd with more than just a song; she creates a visual experience of pictures through her music.
At each performance, the audience experiences freshly interpreted stories as if they were actually living them.

Next to her work as a singer Hester also works as a vocal coach in her own companies Hesters Vocals and Luid!.
Here she teaches her students with passion. She leads workshops, organizes student performances and directs musicals.